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CLP, Inc. Systems is a consulting organization firm that has changed its outlook from the 1st time in which we performed between the dates of June 1991 to November 1995.  During these 4 years, the small business started as an after-hours/part-time business for the first year then progressed into full-time for the remainder of the time.  In those previous years, we strived to become one of first virtually paperless offices, which we plan to keep alive in the new business this 2nd time around.  Somewhere around January 2003 is where we decided to re-start the business again, and next we Incorporated in March 2004.  Where we continued the same yet better level of service to our clients that were coming to us.  We have stayed on top of the latest Technologies in hardware, software, and firmware.  We assist in all of your Networking and Computing needs in Business as well as personally including Wireless (Wi-Fi) Technologies along with the Wired Technologies.  Privacy and Security is our No. 1 goal to keep you safe as possible, and to make sure that your data is not easily available.  We may not be able to keep out the strongest hackers and crackers, yet we will do our best to keep most of them out of your system(s).

Randall C. Phillips & Leslie J. Phillips are Entrepreneurs.  Randall is currently certified in Windows 98 and Window NT Server 4.0 as an MCP (MicroSoft Certified Professional), and working toward renewing his MCP into Windows XP Professional.  In 1989, he was listed as one of the  Outstanding Young Men of America.  Then earning an MCSA2003 (MicroSoft Certified Systems Administrator on the Windows 2003 Server Track) then onto an MCSE2003 (MicroSoft Certified Systems Engineer on the Windows 2003 Server Track).  Continuing to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science Degree while having an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology Degree with future certifications that will include CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate v2.0), RHCE (RedHat Certified Engineer Linux), CNA (Certified Novell Administrator), and CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator).  Leslie has a BSE (Bachelor's of Science Degree in Education) and an MAT (Master's of Arts Degree in Teaching).  She will be pursuing the MOS (MicroSoft Office Specialist) 2002/2003 Expert/Master certifications as well.

CLP, Inc. Systems and Randall will be featured in a Black owned and operated regional magazine which covers the Memphis & Mid-South Regional areas.  A distributor named Anderson News publishes the magazine quarterly, and the publication can be found at Kroger, Exxon, etc. to name a few.  The main focus of the magazine is Hair, Fashion, and Music.  These features are for growth and self-improvement in the Black community, plus to add Technology into the magazine named JetBlack http://www.JetBlackMagazine.com is an asset.  I am honored to be able to write a column in this publication every three months to keep our African-Americans up-to-date on the latest Technologies including computers & software.  I pray that more than the ages 17 thru 34 will read and support the magazine, with suggestions of usable content, which the readers would see in the pages as well.  There will be sections for asking questions with all the common or unusual ones answered.  Computer Tips will be included and more…  Stay tuned into the magazine because I will expand your knowledge!

CLP, Inc. Systems is currently featured on the Better Business Bureau's site as a new member under the category "Networking & Computer Consulting" as of April 2004.  We have also opened a new division do the our business.  Along with having a .Net WebSite, We now have a .Com WebSite as well with 4 areas as followed:

Please visit our 2nd site as well, and come back to visit here http://www.CLPIncSystems.Net for a complete make-over of this site.  We are in the improvement move, and so should you be also.  Look for more items and incentives to visit both WebSite very soon!  We are also pleased to be featured in the BBB of the Mid-South BuyersGuide 2007 serving 28 counties in TN, MS, & AR 2005 edition.  We are on page 30 under the "Computers-Networks" category.  Our business is also a part of the BBBOn-Line Membership since March 2007 as well to provide you with a better sense of confidence to be one of our best Clients for years to come.

We are pleased to announce that we have started re-construction of the entire WebSite to make better, easier, and more functional to you to use as one of your everyday Sites.  As soon as enough of the new & achieved data is compiled & layout in our new look, we will place the new linkage here (AboutUs) & on the older HomeSite Pages.  Our areas will be broken up starting with Consulting, Computing, Networking, & our Tech Help Blog.  So, stay tuned in for more information from CLP, Inc. Systems!



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CLP, Inc. Systems at BizExpo 2003

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BAMM Business Expo November 2006

BAMM Business Expo November 2006

Kenneth Broome, Pastor Whalum, Mrs. Whalum, and Randall Phillips
BAMM Expo November 2006

Paul Harris, Pastor Whalum, Mrs. Whalum, and Randall Phillips
BAMM Expo November 2006


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